Motivation Monday!

I am so excited for the 2016. I am probably not the only one in the "2015 was not my easiest year" boat. Many of my friends have had a year full of heartache and trials.  So, on New Year's Eve we celebrated the end of 2015 and the chance to start afresh. I am never one for goals or resolutions around New Year's, always falling back on the idea that we should continually be growing and striving. New Year's resolutions always seemed to disappoint, mostly because I never followed them after day one. This year is different!

2016 is going to be a year of adventure and being a lady boss! I recently participated in the Rising Tide Summit and have been so encourage and motivated to take this year by the reigns and Make It Happen.  I am excited to share with you a few items that I am using to set myself up for success.


I have decided that being a lady boss (in my head I say this like Tina Fey, please feel free to join along) means I need to look good. The One Canoe Two geometric planner is my favorite! Plenty of room to write, tear out pages when I am done with a month and don't want to carry it around anymore and plenty of space for notes. It never hurts to have a little reminder that "You're Legit" like this one from Oh, Hello Friend. I'm looking good this year with my new Silversheep ombre bar earrings and Oh, Hello Friend geometric necklace.


I can't be more excited that Farewell Paperie came out with a weekly, guided Get-It-Done pad! As my job and life can tend to take me in a bunch of different directions and not on a regular schedule, daily Sun-Sat worksheets don't work for me. This is a simple sheet of reminders, list and hopes for the week all in one place and there are 52 sheets per pad. They were so smart:) Note to self: it just feels better to use Rifle Paper Co's new pencils to write it all down.


Lara Casey spoke at the Rising Tide Summit last month and, after listening to her, I immediately went online and bought her Powersheets workbook for 2016. They are rocking my world. Period. It is goal setting in a new light. Lara started the #LessWorkMoreLife movement and the #MakeItHappen movement. This is a great guide to breaking down what really matters most to you, the dreams you have and steps to get there. It is about intentionalizing all that you do so every piece of it is more life giving. 

So... these are a few of my favorites moving into this new year (all of which can be found at our shop- except the powersheets). Do you have any favorites you are using?