Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant is Kind of the Boss of You

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus Lyrata, is a gorgeous plant named for—you guessed it— how its broad leaves resemble a fiddle or a lyre. Its dramatic, dark green leaves, wavy-edged and thick and scored with deep white veins, make this plant a captivating presence in any room. The trick is in making it feel at home far from its native habitat in the wild rainforests of the West African Coast. So, here are some tips:

Location: Fiddle Leaf Figs can be finicky. Though they came a long way to get to your living room, they don’t want you going on a re-decorating lark and taking them along, deciding you want to move them to the other side of the couch, for example. I did mention they are dramatic. They may rebel against your moving them by turning brown and wilting—or die outright. FInd a good spot and let them settle in.

Light: The best spot, Ideally, for your fig is in front of an east-facing window,: they will get plenty of indirect light and some direct light, yet avoid intense afternoon sunlight from the south and west.

Cool Tip: If your fiddle leaf is ailing, you can revive it by chopping off the top of its trunk, which I know doesn’t sound very kind, but it will encourage your plant to sprout from top of the trunk and may grow back several new leaves and come back fuller than before.

Water: Keep soil consistently moist, but do not soak. You can also place the plant in a draining pot. Water when the top layer of the soil is becoming dry and, if using a draining pot, allow water to flow out the bottom. Fiddle figs love warm and humid conditions, which typically isn’t how you want your house to feel, so you can meet halfway(ish) by misting once a week . And, if you really want to ensure success, place a humidifier nearby.

Food: Fertilize sparingly, maybe three times a year, mainly in spring and summer.

Dig this: fiddler figs have been on earth for millions of yeas and are technically considered epiphytes, plants that grow on other plants. They can happily grow upright and alone in your home, but in the forest they grow from the tops of the crowns of other trees, going to great heights to ensure they compete for the most sunlight in the forest. They don’t play nice: the fig tree’s seeds germinate and its roots wrap around the trunk of the host tree, eventually strangling it as it envelops it completely. I did tell you they had a captivating presence.

Photo by  Kara Eads  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash


Popping Pinks in the PNW

I love mornings when I come into work, check my email and delight when I see wedding photos! And, this sweet couple just brought joy to my Tuesday! Kevon and Jessica's smiles shine through in every photo and you can feel their pure love and joy with each other. Even more wonderful is that peonies are Jessica's favorite flower and it is the heart of peony season. My motto: when it is peony season, just do peonies. Period.

The bold pinks just popped against the lush greenery at JM Cellars. There were so many sweet details planned and beautifully executed by Julia from Wedding Wise Seattle. The bridesmaids carried simple and sweet bouquets of peonies accented with aspidistra loops

Photographer - Kerry Jeanne Photography

Planner - Wedding Wise

Venue - JM Cellars

Flowers - Columbia City Bouquet

DJ - Seattle Wedding DJ

Caterer - Act 3 Catering

Gown - I Do Bridal

Oooohhhh.... Spring Weddings!

I just got the photos from Nick and Sara's wedding by the talented Char Beck Photography and I am just drooling! To start, Sara was stunning in her beaded dress, simple, braided up-do and knockout deep red lips. Then add a squad of beautiful women in shades grey to slate blue lace. Top it off with lush, spring flowers in neutrals with the industrial Portland backdrop at the Exchange Ballroom and you get perfection.

I am so thankful for couples who chose to risk the weather from February to May. More than any time of year, the variety of seasonal, local flowers is plentiful and always comes together in a beautiful mix of lovely. The standouts in these bouquets are definitely the green centered anemones and mauvey hellebores. They went perfectly with the dusty Faith roses, white lilac and creamy garden roses. And, let's be real, everything is better with silver dollar eucalyptus.

The Prettiest Little Bridal Luncheon

Spring is the most lovely of seasons for all things lush and blush! The magnolia trees have just started blooming and cherry blossoms fill the streets like cotton candy. This is hands down my favorite time of year in the world of flowers. Wedding consults are filling my days and we are dreaming and designing all the big days coming the summer and fall. So, there is no better time to take a breather and enjoy the season and upcoming joys with your ladies who will stand by your side through all the seasons ups and downs.

This stunning spring luncheon that I had the privilege of creating floral designs for was enjoyed at the ever magical Corson Building in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, styled by Jen Leslie Events and photographed by Tonie Christine Photography. Enjoy!


Photography: Tonie Christine Photography

Event Planning: Jen Leslie Events

Venue: Corson Building

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Florals: Columbia City Bouquet

Hair: Lauren Alyse Otto

Make-Up: Sorrida Salon

Menu/Tea Bag Favor/Table Number: Wolf House Paper CO.

Motivation Monday!

I am so excited for the 2016. I am probably not the only one in the "2015 was not my easiest year" boat. Many of my friends have had a year full of heartache and trials.  So, on New Year's Eve we celebrated the end of 2015 and the chance to start afresh. I am never one for goals or resolutions around New Year's, always falling back on the idea that we should continually be growing and striving. New Year's resolutions always seemed to disappoint, mostly because I never followed them after day one. This year is different!

2016 is going to be a year of adventure and being a lady boss! I recently participated in the Rising Tide Summit and have been so encourage and motivated to take this year by the reigns and Make It Happen.  I am excited to share with you a few items that I am using to set myself up for success.


I have decided that being a lady boss (in my head I say this like Tina Fey, please feel free to join along) means I need to look good. The One Canoe Two geometric planner is my favorite! Plenty of room to write, tear out pages when I am done with a month and don't want to carry it around anymore and plenty of space for notes. It never hurts to have a little reminder that "You're Legit" like this one from Oh, Hello Friend. I'm looking good this year with my new Silversheep ombre bar earrings and Oh, Hello Friend geometric necklace.


I can't be more excited that Farewell Paperie came out with a weekly, guided Get-It-Done pad! As my job and life can tend to take me in a bunch of different directions and not on a regular schedule, daily Sun-Sat worksheets don't work for me. This is a simple sheet of reminders, list and hopes for the week all in one place and there are 52 sheets per pad. They were so smart:) Note to self: it just feels better to use Rifle Paper Co's new pencils to write it all down.


Lara Casey spoke at the Rising Tide Summit last month and, after listening to her, I immediately went online and bought her Powersheets workbook for 2016. They are rocking my world. Period. It is goal setting in a new light. Lara started the #LessWorkMoreLife movement and the #MakeItHappen movement. This is a great guide to breaking down what really matters most to you, the dreams you have and steps to get there. It is about intentionalizing all that you do so every piece of it is more life giving. 

So... these are a few of my favorites moving into this new year (all of which can be found at our shop- except the powersheets). Do you have any favorites you are using?

Bridal Beauty

I recently did a styled shoot with Candice Hackett of Ivy & Tweed. Her ability to work with light is unmatched. This was such a beautiful bridal shoot with a goal for ethereal beauty. I think we accomplished it! For the shoot, I created an ombre bouquet in pinks and whites accented with dark ruscus and soft dusty miller. For the second look, I created a a high texture bouquet in whites and greens for a natural and organic look.